Introducing The Welder's Hand!


The Ultimate MIG Welding Tool for Automotive Welding, Artistic Welding, Industrial Welding and Cutting Steel!

Now Available for Purchase,  Cost: $21.95

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By creating straighter cuts, grinding is greatly reduced; this product is simple, effective and improves your end result, so you can complete more projects in less time.

industrial welding

The Welder's Hand will  relieve stress on the forearm and wrist while improving accuracy, spacing, steadiness and visibility. This will be a time saver on any industrial, artistic, or commercial welding project you design.

" I thought that utilizing The Welder's Hand  gave me more consistency in performing my weld. It helped guide me when running new and different wire also."

--Jeff Monarski--Local 237 Boilermaker


"I noticed when using The Welder's Hand  that I was able to keep my cup cleaner longer and the finished product of the weld was much better than  normal."

--Mike Pierce--Local 237 Boilermaker


"The Welder's Hand  is a great product! It helps in the beginning stages of welding and will serve the purpose of  maintaining a good-looking weld throughout the entire length of the process. I have continued to use the product outside of a shop setting and find it a tremendous help in my weld looking clean and consistent."

--Jeffery Granger--Local 237 Boilermaker

Every Weldor Should Have This in His or Her Toolbox!

Whether you are an industrial weldor, body man, body shop owner, or novice weldor this device should be in your toolbox!

If you are the owner of a supply company and would like a sample, please contact The Welder's Hand at 460 Benham Street, Hamden, CT 06514.

Are you a welding instructor?  We would love for you to video tape your students using our product to demonstrate its ease of use. We are interested in hearing from you!